ATSEA-2 Program is a regional partnership involving four littoral countries: Indonesian Government, Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea by the support of Australian Government in order to collectively manage high marine and fisheries resources in Arafura and Timor Seas (ATS). In Indonesia, ATSEA-2 is focusing its work on the Fisheries Management Area (WPPNRI) 718 that covers the Aru Sea, the Arafura Sea and the eastern part of Timor Sea.

In 2021, a range of activities have been planned or currently underway in Indonesia, based in sites where the three main components of the ATSEA-2 project can make a difference to local conservation and livelihood issues, while also contributing to wider impacts across the ATS region. To achieve its goals, an integrated governance among ministries and multi-stakeholders should be synergized intensively.

On February 11, 2021, UNDP Indonesia as the National Coordinating Unit for ATSEA-2 Project conducted a Coordination Meeting with Partners, participated by Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN), Yayasan Reef Check Indonesia (YRCI), Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW), PT. MADEP, PT. BMT Indonesia, and Center for Fisheries Research of the Indonesian Ministry of Marine and Fisheries.

This coordination meeting was held virtually to support the implementation of fisheries management, including strengthening the fisheries surveillance, supporting FIP action plan and EAFM implementation, developing National Inter-Ministerial Committees (NIMCs) in Arafura and Timor Seas, and community engagement activities on climate change, marine-based pollution, and community livelihoods improvement.

Yayan Hikmayani, S. Pi., M. Si., Head of Center for Fisheries Research of the Indonesian Ministry of Marine and Fisheries, explained that the ATSEA-2 project implementation should promotes the synergy among the partners and good coordination with the local governments in supporting the capacity building.  She also mentions that implementing partners should adhered to the Indonesian government’s commitment to gender equality in every aspect of the project implementation.

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In the previous year, ATSEA-2 project implementation in Indonesia has made considerable achievements at the site-level, including the development of fisheries profile for red snapper and shrimp in Aru district, assessment and action plan for EAFM on Shrimp and Red Snapper Fisheries, providing technical assistance in the development of Fisheries Management Plan for FMA 718, supporting Papua Provincial Government in the development of Kolepom MPA zoning plan, establishing an institutional team and action plan for handling marine pollution in East Nusa Tenggara Province, and monitoring the ecosystem and natural resources use in Aru Tenggara MPA. Through this coordination meeting, ATSEA-2 and partners reaffirmed their commitment to further strengthen their strategic partnership for sustainable fisheries management in Indonesia.

(Dwi Ariyoga Gautama)