On March 3 2020, MMAF through the General Directorate of Captured Fisheries launched a harvest strategy for fisheries management of blue swimming crab, snapper and grouper.

The harvest strategy is a guide for fishers to improve their fishing activities into a more responsible act, such as implementing minimum fish size (10 cm) or fish weight (500 gr) to be captured. For example, the capture of blue swimming crab is allowed for a carapace length of a minimum 10 cm. Furthermore, the strategy also regulates selective fishing gear and listed fishing boat permit requirements to ensure sustainable fishing practices.

On the same day, the foundation of The Fisheries Management Institution for The Fisheries Management Areas of Republic of Indonesia, known as LPP WPPNRI, was also launched. It is expected that the harvest strategy would be a reference for responsible fishing practices in 11 Fisheries Management Areas (WPPNRI) and the fisheries management institution would serve as a coordinating body to suggest fisheries management recommendations. ATSEA-2 is currently supporting the enhancement of LPP WPPNRI 718, that covers Arafura and Timor Seas, and the implementation of a better marine and fisheries management in the area.

WPPNRI at the Harvest Strategy meeting
(photo credit: ATSEA-2)