The United Nation (UN)’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14: Life Below Water became the main theme of ATSEA-2 participation on 2019’s Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum. This annual event was hosted through a series of seminars followed by a three-day exhibition for startup business and projects supporting marine and fisheries activities throughout Indonesia. Together with the Global Marine Commodities (GMC) Project, ATSEA-2 was participated through the AIS’s exhibition in Manado, North Sulawesi, from 30 October to 1 November 2019. The activity aimed to increase public awareness among AIS Forum participants and the general public about ATSEA-2 and works supported under the programme. 

Using the theme “Life Below Water”, in line with SDG 14, around 150 people who visited the booth were mostly engaged in active discussions. Each visitor was given information about the ATSEA-2 programme and the importance of conserving sustainability on marine and fisheries sector in Indonesia, especially on the Fisheries Management Area (FMA) 718. The information was communicated using one-on-one discussions and leaflet distribution as a tool. On the second day, the booth was visited by the Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister, Luhut Pandjaitan and his team. UNDP-Indonesia took this opportunity to present brief explanations about some ongoing programmes including ATSEA-2. 

On this three-days exhibition, the visitor profile varies from NGOs, students, businesses and startups, financial institutions, journalists and the general public. The visitor’s knowledge were also varied; the forum’s participants were a niche group belonging in the sector of government, businesses working in the marine and fisheries sector, decision makers, while the general public consisted of attendants that knew little about marine and fisheries activities. Yet, discussions held with both groups during the exhibition were interactive.