After establishing RPMU’s working unit in the first half of 2020, the regional project of ATSEA-2 has brought on board a team of consultants to support the RPMU in carrying out regional assessments and provide necessary data and information in order to develop and propose sound management interventions for the programme. 

The RPMU was able to recruit experts that would help the project in six specific areas. The first is in Marine & Land-based Pollution assessment led at a regional level by Dr. Won-Tae Shin who is an international consultant with more than 15 years of experience and has major interest and concern in marine pollutants including nutrient loadings, marine litter and oil spills. The second is in IUU Fishing assessment led by Dr. Arie Afriansyah from the Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy at the University of Indonesia (UI) who has been involved in a number of projects or research that relates to issues on IUU Fishing in the last 10 years. The third is in MPA Network design and Marine Turtle protection led by CTC, YKAN, and Dr. Alison L Green who each have between 10 to up to 30 years of experience in designing MPA’s in the region. The fourth is in Climate Change Vulnerability assessment led by Dr. Johanna Johnson, director of C20 Pacific and specialises in climate change vulnerability and adaptation, with more than 25 years of experience in marine research and management. The fifth is in Regional Governance Mechanism development led by PT. Hatfield Indonesia who specialises in analytical research, policy advisement, capacity building, and decision-making support in the marine sector. The sixth is in Fisheries Survey assessment led by Fishwell Consulting and Starling Resources, consultancies specialising in high quality and accurate scientific publications, sustainability consultation and advisory practice.

With the combined experience of these marine and coastal consultants in various fields of expertise, the ATSEA-2 regional team is well equipped in delivering the goals that they are set to achieve by the end of the 5 year programme.