Where we work : Indonesia

A range of activities are planned or currently underway in Indonesia, based in sites where the three main components of the ATSEA-2 Programme can make a difference to local conservation and livelihood issues, while also contributing to wider impacts across the ATS region.

Aru Archipelago – Maluku 

To safeguard fish stocks and strengthen local industry, ATSEA-2 will implement an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) and Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIP) for red snapper and shrimp in the Aru Archipelago of Maluku province. Other projects in the region will focus on strengthening management effectiveness in the existing Southeast Aru Marine Protected Area (MPA), while community activities involving fishing commodities will empower local people to take the lead in coastal conservation.

Merauke District – South Papua 

In the Merauke district of Indonesia’s Papua province, FIP projects will focus on improving barramundi fisheries, while a new MPA will be designated in the waters surrounding Pulau Kolepom. Further community activities are also planned.

Rote Ndao District – East Nusa Tenggara 

Focusing on the south coast of the Rote Ndao district in East Nusa Tenggara, ATSEA-2 will implement a range of Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) plans, comprising ecosystem-based adaptation, alternative livelihood interventions and capacity building projects. In addition, the project will provide training and facilitate regional exchange on oil spill response and disaster management preparedness for selected local authorities and community representatives, in order to address pollution in the region.

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