Jabulenga: the center of shrimp fisheries in the Aru Islands

In 2019, the district of Aru Islands claimed that they had a potential shrimp fisheries resources of up to 21,111.28 tons a year. Yet according to the national statistics of Maluku province in the same year, only 3,029 were harnessed, but still represent the largest number of shrimp fisheries in the province. The majority of

New hope for Karey Village and Aru Tenggara marine protected area

The Indonesian village of Karey may not be located in the Aru Tenggara (or Southeast Aru) Marine Protected Area (MPA), but their petuanan (or territories where customary communities collect/manage resources from land and marine areas) spreads across half of the MPA. Because of this, the Southeast Aru MPA, set in the Aru Islands Regency, Maluku Province, is

Beach cleanup begins on the South Coast of Timor-Leste as part of a UNDP Marine Pollution Study

The South Coast municipalities of Viqueque, Manatuto, Manufahi and Covalima have recently become aware of the threats posed by marine debris washed ashore by strong currents and storm surges. Abandoned fish nets, floats and pieces and fragments of polypropylene rope often wash ashore or interfere with fishing activities. The plastic fragments break down into microplastic

Competency Training for the future of Kolepon MPA

In Indonesia, The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) has set a target to increase their Marine Protected Area (MPA) reaching an area of 30 million Ha by the year 2030. Up until the last quarter of 2019, the MPA zone has spread up to 22.68 million Ha with a total of 195 MPAs