The implementation of the ATSEA-2 programme in Timor-Leste had begun back in December 2019. Where plans of project coordination within the region were just about to be initiated. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, local travels within the country were limited up until six months after that initial phase when NCU Timor-Leste were able to coordinate five introductory meetings about ATSEA-2 in the municipalities where the project intervention will be applied. In Lautem the meeting was held on 23 June, in Viqueque on 26 June, in Manatuto on 30 June, in Manufahi on 22 July, and in Covalima on 23 July.

The programme activities that are to be carried out in these different regions will slightly differ from one another based on the dynamics of the communities and coastal and marine environments. However, they will all share a common goal which is to facilitate a common understanding and ensure joint ownership of the project’s goals, objectives and strategic results framework by partners and stakeholders at a local level. At the same time these meetings will undertake collaborative discussions and identify areas of potential collaboration with partners and other stakeholders at a local level.

Through these meetings, the ATSEA-2 project’s mission and goals have been disseminated in all target municipalities, including to approximately 150 people consisting of local government officials, community leaders and fisher groups. These target stakeholders would be able to implement project activities in line with their municipality.

The introductory meetings of the ATSEA-2 programme in the five municipalities were attended by representatives of local government institution including; Sub district Administrator, Secretaries of Municipality Administrator, Municipality Agricultural Services, Municipality Natural Disaster Management Services, the Municipality Water and Sanitation Services, the Municipal Food Security Services, the Municipal Markets and Tourism Management Services, Municipality Planning Agency, and all coastal sub district (Posto Adimistrativo) including representative from all coastal suco (villages) such as chefe suco (head of village), community leaders and fisher groups.