World Oceans Day is an international celebration held yearly on 8 June where organisations and individuals celebrate the importance of the Oceans for the planet.

It is during this day of celebration that ATSEA-2 created 2 social media campaigns to re-introduce the Arafura and Timor Seas (ATS) region to fans and followers of ATSEA-2’s online accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

The first campaign featured Nesha Ichida, the field manager of Indonesian Manta Project in Rote. Nesha supported ATSEA-2 by having a mini Instagram takeover throughout World Oceans Day and providing facts about the Timor Seas. Rote is divided between the Savu and Timor Seas, and is part of a migration route for more than 20 species of cetaceans and megafauna. Nesha pointed out that Rote is surrounded by mangrove forests, which is an important resource for the livelihood of the local communities and their protection. Through Nesha’s support, ATSEA-2’s social media account grew with a few more followers, providing more exposure of the programme to the general public.

The second campaign featured a short introductory video about the ATS region and the ATSEA-2 programme. The video, which can be found on ATSEA-2’s Instagram IGTV, featured quick facts about the ATS region’s richness in biodiversity, including being home to 25% of the world’s mangrove and 350 species of reef fish (to date). With this campaign, ATSEA-2 wants to contribute to providing more information about this region, where much is yet to be discovered.

It is the hope of ATSEA-2 that the World Oceans Day continues to be a day of celebration and raising awareness to all corners of the blue planet including the ATS.