ATSEA-2 Newsletter – ISSUE 6 – Q4 2021

ATSEA-2 Newsletter – ISSUE 5 – Q3 2021

ATSEA-2 Newsletter – ISSUE 4 – Q2 2021

ATSEA-2 Newsletter – ISSUE 3 – Q1 2021

ATSEA-2 Newsletter – ISSUE 2 – Q3 2020

ATSEA-2 Newsletter – ISSUE 1 – Q2 2020

We welcome you to our first ATSEA e-newsletter!
This month is an exciting month for all of us at ATSEA program. This week we launched our new website, that you can visit on: www.atsea-program.com
You will find that it is filled with information related to our efforts toward regional collaboration to better manage coastal and marine resources in Arafura and Timor Seas (ATS) region.


NCU Indonesia Newsletter ISSUE 2 – Q4 2019

ATSEA-2 was developed as a response to the high fisheries potential on the region, yet facing a declining marine ecosystem condition, both caused by anthropogenic pressure and climate change.


NCU Indonesia Newsletter ISSUE 1 – Q3 2019

The tropical region of the Arafura and Timor Seas is crucial to connect Indian and Pacific Oceans as well as important role in the world’s ocean circulation.